Growing more with less.
Drug discovery for seed treatment.

Discovering a new compound that improves seeds requires excessive ressources.

ScreenSeed is a technology that helps agrochemical laboratories in drug discovery applied to seed treatment and seed sellers in quality control process.

Reshaping the seed market
ScreenSeed automatically compares thousands of experiments on metrics such as root development, germination strength and delay.
The first seed-screening solution
Multiply your chance in the critical early phase of compounds discovery for higher yields and healthy plants.
Groundbreaking technology
With an optical sensor and some disruptive machine learning algorithms, ScreenSeed is the first automatic solution that monitors seeds at large scale in real time.
Growing more with less
Treating seeds instead of field spreading curbs the total amount of chemicals in the ground, the plant, and the environment.

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Our value

Agriculture is facing one of the greatest challenges of our century. We will need to produce more food in the next 40 years than humankind did the last 10,000 years. And this has to be done with the greatest care of our environment.

It is time to solve this challenge.

At ScreenSeed, we believe the solution to this challenge holds in seed innovation. Discovering new molecules that protect and reinforce the plant from the very begining is a great alternative to GMOs and field spreadings.

Screening thousands of seed-experiments brings the power of big data to the seed market.

Our ambition is to empower scientists to discover the next big things that will shape the future of agriculture: productivity and respect of our environment.

Seed treatment is one of the most important crop protection measures you can have, because you apply the active ingredient right where it’s needed. It’s ecologically and economically a very attractive crop protection measure.
Ulf Schlotterbeck, BASF

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