Let Us Introduce You to Our New Logo!

ScreenSeed new logo stands for our great commitment to the core values of Balance, Continuity and Depth.

We are very excited to present our new logo to our dear partners, mentors, followers, and all the people who believe in the ScreenSeed company.

To design it, we have been inspired by some key principles underlying all our actions.

We believe in Unity and Harmony, as we seek to provide more Balance to the World by pursuing some strong captivating ideas.

A Symbol to Guide the ScreenSeed Company

Combined with the S of ScreenSeed, the Aleph , is a perfect match to inspire us for building a better world. Establishing a climate of trust is one of the cornerstones of all our actions at ScreenSeed.

The Aleph is the first letter of many alphabets, including Hebrew and Arabic. It symbolizes unity and harmony and stands for the number 1 when taken as a number.

At ScreenSeed, we were thrilled by this design proposition.

As maths and tech enthusiasts, we cannot be more delighted than starting this year with a new logo that represents the beginning of everything and that can be used to size infinite sets!

Such a strong theoretical support to back up our vision!

A New Leg For Agriculture

Along with our maths enthusiasm, we believe in delivering more value to agriculture through new technology and science advances. The agriculture of tomorrow is in every seed, every crop and every seedling.

We are fighting for a better agriculture sustained by a green dotted line of wiser seed solutions.

Full credit to Guillaume Espitia, Designer.

Team ScreenSeed