ScreenSeed: an "AgTech Startup to Watch"!

The Innovator Les Echos sides with ScreenSeed for its ambition for the environment and food security.

The Innovator magazine has been launched in May 2017 by Les Echos. It is intended for policy makers and leaders willing to bring impact to the world. Each month, The Innovator highlights companies, and especially startups, that use technology to improve our lives on the long-term.

We are very proud to be among the 5 startups selected by the magazine as oncoming game changers for the agriculture and food industry. ScreenSeed stands beside 4 great other AgTech companies, namely:

  • Indigo Agriculture (United States) which uses plant microbiomes to strengthen crops against disease and drought, to help farmers sustainably feed the planet.
  • Benson Hill Biosystems (United States) which improves crop performance through plant biology, Big Data, and analytical cloud computing.
  • Endurabio (United States) which engineers salt- and drought-tolerant plants to increase yields from marginal lands globally, with the goal of increasing farmers’ potential to feed the world.
  • Prospera (Israël) which uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to analyze data gathered from fields in order to increase farm productivity.

Here is the issue where ScreenSeed is featured (p35, full credit to The Innovator)

Let's keep it up!

Team ScreenSeed